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Kenai Riverdog

The Short & Sweet

Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri., Sat.
2 hours

The Shorty is the perfect trip for those who want a taste of the Upper Kenai River without a huge time commitment. Float 7 miles through gorgeous scenery. The trip is 1.5-2 hours depending on the wind and water level. The trip starts at the begining of the river at the Cooper Landing bridge, and ends at Sportsman's Boat Ramp/The Russian River ferry. This trip is perfect for kids or people with limited mobility who have trouble sitting for a longer period of time. There's small rapids that do splash a little bit, and give the perfect amount of excitement for young and old alike.

What's included ?

  • Water
  • Raingear upon request
  • Rainboots upon request

What to bring ?

  • Durable Rain Gear
  • Rubber Boots

Activity location

Other considerations

*Please take note that it is very rare for us to cancel trips due to weather. Alaska’s weather is always unpredictable, so try to dress for it. We will not refund trips due to rain. It is Alaska after all! Please bring your own thick rain gear if possible. Rain boots that we suggest are rubber boots. Hiking books are sometimes ok for for those sitting in the back seats, but the people sitting in the front often get their feet splashed. I have extra rain gear and boots if you are in need.